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Same density, durability, cost But Better.

What is ekoosh? Ekoosh is polyurethane foam mixed with powdered rubber.
What makes Ekoosh unique is that the powdered rubber comes from old car tyres. Typically the volume of powdered rubber is around 16% of the foam.

There is no loss of foam resilience and the use of the powdered rubber allows for good compressive and fatigue properties. Ekoosh still features Anti-microbial inhibitors.

Why Ekoosh?

Re-use is a fundamental principal of recycling. Ekoosh means we now have another use for old car tyres. The use of powdered rubber in the cushioning can help solve the environmental problem of the increasing stock of used car tyres…. The more Ekoosh you specify the more tyres we can use.

tested by Furntech-AFRDI and approved to standards.
• AS/NZS 4088.1:1996
• AS2282.3:1999

The Ekoosh foam is prequalified for use in chairs certified to AS/NZS 443:1997- Height Adjustable swivel chairs and AS/NZS 4688:2000 – Fixed Height chairs as a seat foam up to and including Level 6

How is EKOOSH Made?

In a nutshell, old car tyres are shredded, the rubber is steam cleaned and turned into a fine powder. The soft rubber powder is then added to the foam mixture to make specialised foams for seating and underlay for carpets

Car Tyres
Powdered Car-Tyre
Foam Cushioning
  • Environmental impact of used tyres


    In the United States, over 242 million scrap tyres are generated each year. On the Mexican border, there are more than 42 tyre mountains. The largest contains more than 4.5 million tyres. In New Zealand, as many as 4 million tyres are retired each year. Of these, about 3 million are sent to landfill, 700,000 are used for purposes like farm silage covers, while 300,000 are illegally disposed of.

  • Rubber Powder


    Rubber Powder is used as a raw material for our high quality eco-cushion. 16% of Ekoosh Raw material weight is rubber powder, made from recycled car tyres.

  • Furniture and Underlay


    Acma Industries developed a unique way of formulating and mixing Ekoosh, so it creates an equally durable, density and cost effective eco product to compete with cheap lower quality chinese foam.

  • Specify for a true Eco-design


    Help us to achieve our objectives in decreasing the impact we have on our environment. The more you specify, the more tyres we can remove from landfills. Perfect for eco-deisgned architecture.


We are adding more and more products to our range, to help you specify eco-chairs for all your seating needs.


Genesis Midback

Task chair
  • Mid Back
  • 3 Lever Mechanism
  • Ekoosh Certified

Genesis Highback

Task Chair
  • High Back
  • 3 Lever Mechanism
  • Ekoosh Certified

Genesis XL Highback

  • HB Back, XL Seat
  • 3 Lever Mechanism
  • Ekoosh Certified


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